Ramakrishna Vedantam

Email: vrama_at_gatech_dot_edu

Hi! I am a fifth year Ph.D. student at the Computer Vision Lab, Georgia Tech. My advisor is Devi Parikh. I am broadly interested in computer vision and machine learning. My research is supported by a Google PhD fellowship in Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision. I am graduating in 2018 and am on the job market.

On the vision side, I am interested in problems in vision and language, learning common sense and visual reasoning. On the machine learning side, I am interested in developing tools for effective low-shot learning, generative models, bayesian deep learning and variational inference.

I also care about issues of how we evaluate our models, as we edge towards higher-level AI-complete tasks. In my first project in grad school, I worked on a (now popularly used) evaluation metric for image captioning called CIDEr.

I have been fortunate to work with some great mentors and collaborators during grad school, including Larry Zitnick, Dhruv Batra, Kevin Murphy, Gal Chechik, and Samy Bengio.

In a previous life, I was an undergrad in ECE at IIIT-Hyderabad where I worked with K. Madhava Krishna in Robotics. Here is a link to my old website.



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