Ramakrishna Vedantam

Email: vrama91_at_vt_dot_edu

Hi! I am a second year Ph.D. student at the Computer Vision Lab, Virginia Tech. My advisor is Devi Parikh. I also work closely with Larry Zitnick from Facebook AI Research on various problems. I spend my time thinking about problems in Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Computer Vision (CV), and ultimately, Artifical Intelligence (AI).

I am interested in topics such as vision and language, unsupervised learning and common sense reasoning. A lot of my work focuses on leveraging abstract scenes made from clipart for high-level scene understanding, and language grounding.

I also care about issues of how we evaluate our models, as we edge towards higher-level AI-complete tasks. In my first project in grad school, I worked on a (now popularly used) evaluation metric for image captioning called CIDEr.

I am always interested in how we can elicit more human-like behaviour from machine learning models. One concrete direction that really excites me is building language models to solve a task (say convincing a human) as opposed to necessarily being correct or accurate. The latter could in many cases be a strictly harder thing to do!

In a previous life, I was an undergrad in ECE at IIIT-Hyderabad where I worked with K. Madhava Krishna in Robotics. Here is a link to my old website.



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