Ramakrishna Vedantam

Email: ramav_at_fb.com

Hi! I am a Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) in New York, broadly interested in machine learning that mimics capabilities of human intelligence. I tackle problems at this frontier from the perspective of how one can get machines to appropriately learn concepts, and how to combine concepts to enable conceptual leaps, mimicking and hopefully surpassing the capabilities of humans. I enjoy working on both practical aspects (of tools, benchmarks, tasks) to enable progress on these questions and dabble a bit on the theoretical front as well.

Previously, I graduated with my PhD in Computer Science from the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. My PhD advisor was Devi Parikh. My thesis was on ā€œInterpretation, Grounding and Imagination for Machine Intelligenceā€.

For more details on my research see my Google Scholar page or checkout my publications. During my PhD, my research was supported by a Google PhD fellowship in Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision.

I have been fortunate to work with some great mentors and collaborators during grad school, including Larry Zitnick, Dhruv Batra, Kevin Murphy, Gal Chechik, and Samy Bengio.

In a previous life, I was an undergrad in ECE at IIIT-Hyderabad where I worked with K. Madhava Krishna in Robotics. Here is a link to my old website.



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